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Baskerville Auto Repair provides comprehensive service to a wide range of vehicles in South Hill, VA. Whatever your car needs, our mechanics have the experience necessary to help it run at peak performance. When it comes to caring for your vehicle, don’t settle for an auto shop that cuts corners. Choose us for specialized solutions and attention to detail for your car.

Car Washing & Detailing

We can restore your car’s original shine with our washing, waxing, and auto detailing services. Our technicians clean the interior and exterior of your vehicle and remove smudges and streaks from windows and headlight glass. We vacuum and shampoo all interior carpeting and buff out any blemishes on the car’s surface. After a detailing from our shop, your car will look like you just drove it off the lot.

car wash


1️⃣ Tune-ups 2️⃣ Brake Service 3️⃣ Emission Testing 4️⃣ Oil Changes 5️⃣ Tires 6️⃣ Engine Diagnostics 7️⃣ Car Washing/Detailing

Engine Diagnostics

If your car’s engine light comes on, bring the vehicle to our mechanics for expert diagnosis. We quickly identify the problem and advise you on the best course of action. Early maintenance can save you from more extensive damage—and much higher repair bills—later on, so don’t wait to contact us for expert inspection of your engine.

Auto Repair

Whether your vehicle needs a routine checkup or a major fix, Baskerville Auto Repair can do it all. Our full-service shop offers essential maintenance services to help your car last as long as possible, including brake checks, tune-ups, emissions tests, and oil changes. Our mechanics make sure your vehicle works properly and runs safely on the road.

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When you bring your car to Baskerville Auto Repair, you’re getting the best service in the Mecklenburg County area. Customers throughout South Hill trust us for outstanding auto repair, maintenance, and detailing services. Put your faith in our experienced mechanics when you need high-quality, affordable auto service; contact us today to schedule a free consultation.